BucktownTiger, Lead Shopwrecker (bucktowntiger) wrote in tiger_furs,
BucktownTiger, Lead Shopwrecker

Fellow Runners of the Shop

Allow me to direct your attention to this:


"As natural leaders, Lions must take up this cause and lead our fellow felines into battle against any and all who seek to undermine our authority!"


There were at least three, if not more, lions at the Cats Rule panel at Anthrocon, and did any of them try to keep the huskies out? No. So sunfire, I can't see you all leading us into battle anytime soon.

Tigers run the shop. Tigers own the shop. Tigers shut the shop down.
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Oh hai srsly pull tail from arse and grows ups.

Just because no other tiger posted that rousing speech furst you decide to attack said lion for trying to rouse their pride which obviously from your description is lacking leadership and motivation that this fur is trying to do.

Anyway, why not shut the doors instead of trying to keep them out with a stick? Dogs mind... zomg stick lemme have it.


July 13 2008, 12:41:30 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  July 13 2008, 12:47:14 UTC

But they're not the leaders. We are the leaders. The fact that two tigers tried to keep the huskies out, while no lions helped, shows that. And yes, there were multiple lions there. Yet, "if there were lions there, that would not have happened." LOL

In other news, I edited the post to make it less a personal attack while keeping the same point. Thanks for your comment!
Tigers are the top cats, lions are just lazy fucks >.>
Well, yeah...

Who has been running her shop at work the past 11 weeks!

Isn't there supposed to be some form of security at the panel?

Any reason why the attendees didn't swarm the huskies and put them down like they should have been?
I guess the whole "sleep 20 hours a day" thing: that was during the 20 hours...

Good thing I wasn't there. That blue husky would have been put down...HARD!


That's what I'm talkin' about!


Fierce AND hawt!

The Lead Shopwrecker approves this comment. And the picture it refers to.

*fans himself*
Hey! I get to polish his sword first!

Wait, that sounded wrong.


July 14 2008, 01:01:58 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  July 14 2008, 01:02:46 UTC

The lions are good at beating their chests and spouting a lot of bluster about how they're "king".
But when it comes time for action we all know who the pussies are and who can take care of business.
(now excuse me while I go play with my ball of yarn)