Istences D'Austere (istences) wrote in tiger_furs,
Istences D'Austere

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Wedding of a well-known one of our own

Greetings everyone. I know this community is usually quiet, but this is a joyous day for all us! ebonytigress is getting married today!

Besides being one of the best feline artists in the fandom (and THE best with quads as far as I'm concerned), I've had the privilege of getting to know her better and be her friends for years. She is a kind, selfless person and deserves all the well-wishes in the world. If you know her (or maybe even if you don't) may want to take a second today to congratulate her and wish her the best!

Her attitude (and beauty!) has always been 100% tiger. Today, our striped coats shine in pride for her!
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